Decorative Screen Benefits

Decorative screens are among the most versatile objects you can use in home design, both indoors and outdoors. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. You can use them to decorate a bare wall, divide a room, cordon off an area, enhance your garden, add an element of privacy or in any number of useful ways.

Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum screens provide durability. They’re virtually maintenance free without many of the issues encountered with wood products. Aluminum is:

  • Fire Resistant–Unlike wood and other materials, aluminum is nonflammable.
  • Corrosion Resistant–Corrosion is the gradual destruction of materials. Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Pest Resistant–Termites and other wood-destroying insects are never a problem with aluminum.
  • Weather Resistant–Aluminum has none of the problems with rotting, peeling, or cracking that can become an issue with wood.
  • Low Maintenance–Aluminum doesn’t require the upkeep efforts wood products need.

Beauty and Value

Decorative screens can add visual and practical appeal to your home, patio, or community in a variety of ways.

  • Decorative appeal–Aluminum panels with geometric or abstract patterns can be hung on a wall to add interest. Using different colors and textures of fabrics behind the panel can quickly and easily change the style of any room. A trio of panels can be used to create a focal area that draws attention to a special piece of furniture or artwork. A laser cut screen placed in front of a light can create beautiful light patterns throughout a room.
  • Stand-alone privacy screens–Decorative screen panels can be used as a flexible partition to create privacy for a dressing area in a shared room. In large rooms, screens can be used to create a “space within a space.”
  • Custom cut screens add a beautiful visual and personal element inside or outside your home. They can also be used effectively at the entrance to a subdivision or neighborhood.

Decorative Screen Benefits are many with styles to match any decorating plan and serve many different functions, decorative screens are versatile. Get inspired and unleash your creativity to make your space something special with decorative aluminum screens.

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