⚠️ Suncoast Fencing COVID-19 update: 4th March 2022 ⚠️


COVID-19 Update as of 4th March 2022

From 6pm Fri 4 March 2022, the following rules apply for wearing face masks:

Masks are required in vulnerable settings such as in hospitals and healthcare settings, residential aged care, disability accommodation services, and prisons, and on all public transport (including platforms and ferry terminals), in all taxis and ride share (for driver and passengers, unless the driver is in the vehicle on their own), at airports or on a domestic or international flight departing or arriving in Queensland.

Masks are no longer required in schools, including for staff, students and visitors.

Masks are still recommended whenever you can’t socially distance.

Children under 12 years and people affected by a medical condition or disability do not have to wear a face mask.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions